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Quasar is proud to announce that the GEN7 SUPERNOVA laser tag system has now been installed by the most trusted and the most innovative laser tag company in the world! with over 360 active sites world wide and 35 years old industry experience!

This new system includes:

Futuristic High end pack and Phaser equipment

Membership cards that allow you to create an account which allows you to track scores, unlock achievements, change player name and game icon and many more.

A vast variety of new game modes such as the people’s favourites Mayhem, Colour Conquest and Zombies And Survivors.

Packs have the ability to vibrate when shot

Integrated speakers on the shoulders for an immersive adrenaline-pumping experience

Muzzle flash when shot from the phaser for added realism

A feature button on the phaser

4 destroyable targets in the arena